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N I G H T R U N  Nate ★ Life GIF!

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Yusaku Kamekura, Logos, Signets & Trademarks, 1963-66. Japan > aquavelvet.

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animals in moiré by andrea minini

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A Physicist-Turned-Director Reveals the Mysteries Of The Universe—And Filmmaking

Mark Levinson, a filmmaker with a PhD in physics talks about finding the human story behind science’s biggest breakthrough, and the documentary as science experiment.

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LAST LIFE Has you investigating your own murder…ON MARS!

Written by Wil Tjernberg

Being a detective in a noir story can’t be easy. Dealing with mobsters and dames all day must get quite tiring, one’s wardrobe seems quite limited and all that narration, scotch and cigars must do a number on ya. It’s probably even more difficult when you’re a detective on Mars who’s just been shot to death.

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